Bring New Life to Your Sonos Move With a Battery Replacement Kit!

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Sonos came under fire about a year ago for questionable “recycling” practices. The company ultimately remedied this problem in the interests of the environment. It seems Sonos has taken this lesson to heart, as Sonos is now offering owners of the battery-powered Move speaker a way to replace the said battery on their own.

This will allow users to replace the Sonos Move battery, and continue to use the mobile speaker for many years to come. What does the battery replacement kit contain? The Move speaker battery replacement kit includes the speaker’s proprietary battery in its plastic case, plus a rocker tool, hex key, and replacement screws – all you need to take out the old battery and put the new one in. The price is not trivial, 79 euros, but since the Sonos Move costs 399 euros, it’s a small price to pay to keep your speaker charged. The kit is available in white or black to match the chassis of the Move itself.

It is very rare to see a consumer electronics salesman selling parts of this type. This is actually quite a surprising move for the Sonos Move, as most companies would just use the end-of-life battery to get people to buy a new speaker. But with Sonos users, many users keep their speakers for many years before replacing them. These are not speakers that are replaced every year or every two years.

Also, with an internal battery that can be removed with just two screws indicates that the Move (the first Sonos speaker to run on battery power) was designed for this kind of service. According to Sonos, the battery should last three years once installed, or around 900 charges. So it should last a while, and no one should need to replace their battery right away.

Closer To its Customers

And as you can see in the photo above, the Sonos Move’s battery isn’t that big. That’s because there are a few large tweeters and woofers inside the Move, which takes up most of the space there. In recent years, Sonos has evolved to become more user-friendly. She already was, but now she really listens to her customers.

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