Binance Banned Fake Guru Waqar Zaka on Blackmailing To List Scam Token Tenup

A Pakistani self-claimed crypto guru & content author – Waqar Zaka – who has been always accused 0 of “stealing calls and content material” by way of foreign online cryptocurrency businesses The Walsh Wealth Group (WWG) and scamming his followers by using charging them subscription fees for his information is now banned by Binance on blackmailing to List his Scam Token. He commenced a propaganda marketing campaign on his social media channels for Binance and created a FUD in order that he can blackmail Binance to List his Token.

Binance has a clean assertion that It will by no means listing any token/coin having dubious management. Waqar Zaka was formerly involved in many scams consisting of OneCoin, OuiCoin, and lots more.

This Fake Crypto Guru from Pakistan is telling humans to shift their price range out of Binance and flow them to less relaxed exchanges like Okex or Kucoin, logically speaking it’s a far-awful recommendation as he can then propose them to buy his scam cash from the one’s exchanges. Okex doesn’t actually have a cell app registered with the play store for Android devices how can a person tell people to accept it as true with that more than Binance it is just unnecessary. The satisfactory recommendation for these days is not to follow human beings blindly doesn’t rely on if they’re a hit or not and if they have joined crypto buying and selling a few years before you. Anyone could make mistakes and that is a mistake allow Okex to grow first earlier than moving your price range to it.

Fake Guru Waqar Zaka

One User Raised another question on social media that why they said, they’re doing a 1:1 Swap with Old Ten as much as New Ten up whilst they technically accelerated their token supply from 27 million to 2 hundred Million New Tokens. So they’re focused on 8 times more new users to scam via TUP Token.

Waqar Zaka formerly released many cash and tokens to rip off human beings together with OuiCoin. This is something funny, the simplest developer of OuiCoin is GrumpyDevelop, Andreev Maxim Olegovich is the character at the back of the development who develops coins on fee and his Upwork profile isn’t that remarkable. The pastime on the supply code of OuiCoin is sort of dead. It is clear that the coin has been developed by way of hiring a developer that is most effective 1 developer with the aid of paying just one hundred fifty$.

Fake Guru Banned
Fake Guru Banned

Waqar Zaka Scammed People Online

Waqar Zaka Scammed people online with 2 million dollars. This coin had no ability and utility stated even through their personal website and there has been NO development team, just a bunch of employed social media posters and 1 developer. They scammed online customers with approx. Three million greenbacks. Waqar Zaka has previously scammed human beings in making much cash and launching it which charges nothing these days.

Waqar Zaka’s followers are clearly not glad for him in any respect. They have lost lots of bucks. Therefore, their mentor has turned into someone they understand they can’t accept as true with anymore! They are expressing their anger and sadness continuously. Here are a number of the comments from the institution which talk volumes approximately all these individuals’ gift nation of mind.

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