Apple’s Spring Event Will Take Place in April, Not March 23

Apple’s traditional spring product announcement has been moved from March to April, and several new devices are now slated to see the light of day as early as next month.

Jon Prosser, a popular source around Apple products, and who has a habit of disclosing information about not yet released Apple products, confirmed earlier this week that Apple’s next event will take place in April.

The apple-bite company has yet to confirm this report, but more information will be provided in the coming weeks when Apple officially announces the event. Apple usually sending out the invitations a week in advance, it became clear on Tuesday that there wouldn’t be an event on March 23, and many speculated that Apple might just send out a bunch of press releases to the square.

As noted, Prosser is now clarifying that we can expect an event in April instead, but keep in mind that the two March dates he previously offered were not correct. Either way, it goes without saying that the event will take place online for obvious reasons.

So what can we expect from this Apple event? While the company has remained silent on new products that will hit the market in April, we do expect new iPads to be announced at the event, possibly including a new iPad mini and an improved iPad Pro with additional features. ‘a Mini LED screen. We might also finally see the long-talked-about AirTags and AirPods 3.

These are the three things that were linked to the event the most often, but some sources have also reported a new Apple TV and the iPad mini 6, and we can’t rule out other announcements either, like a new one. Mac hardware, and a new iPhone SE.

New Apple Products Will Emerge

Not too long ago, people familiar with the matter suggested that Apple might also unveil a new iPhone SE model in the spring of 2021, although at present it appears the company has delayed. this announcement, the next affordable iPhone due to go on sale in 2022. The next generation of the iPhone SE was initially expected to be based on the iPhone 11, although the latest information on this product indicates that Apple may still be out. hold on to the iPhone 8’s approach for this next model. In other words, the iPhone SE would stick to a 4.7-inch screen, perhaps because Apple wants to keep its smartphones from cannibalizing each other.

However, the April event is likely to focus on the iPad and possibly other accessories, so expect no news on the iPhone family of products.

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