Here’s everything Apple announced yesterday during the “Peak Performance” keynote

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Yesterday was the day of the Apple event! The day the company takes the stage (once again remotely/virtually) to reveal everything it’s been working on behind the scenes lately.

Didn’t have time to follow the event entitled “Peek Performance” live last night? Rest assured, I’m here to summarize the most important facts for you. I’ve compiled the main information from the evening into one easy-to-read article. Follow the links to dig deeper into the topics that interest you and skip the rest!

New iPhone SE

iPhone SE 2022

The iPhone SE, Apple’s most affordable iPhone, is getting an upgrade: it will now run the A15 Bionic chip (the same as the iPhone 13), which means it can handle things like live text (copying real text from your camera view). It now offers 5G support and promises “better” battery life. Aimed largely at folks who miss the iPhones of yesteryear, it still has a home button (with a fingerprint sensor) and a 4.7-inch screen (now featuring the same glass plus resistance as that of the iPhone 13).

It will be offered from 529 euros and will be shipped on March 18.

By Iphone

The iPad Air gets the powerful Apple M1 chip, first found in its laptop lineup, which makes its debut in this latest generation. iPad Air also features Center Stage, which allows the wide-angle front camera to circle the room to automatically keep your face centered during video calls.

This latest generation of iPad Air will be sold for 699 euros and will be shipped from March 18.

By Iphone

New iPad Air

Ipad Air

Apple still has a new chip to present! But rather than jumping from the M1 to the M2, it’s expanding the M1 range with the ‘M1 Ultra’ – so there’s now the M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max, and M1 Ultra. It’s basically two M1 Max linked together that the OS sees as one, bringing big performance with ultra-high efficiency.

But where are they going to put this thing? First, it heads for the all-new.

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