Apple Might Be installing USB Port-C or Touch id Sensor

There are many rumors nowadays that apple might be installing USB port c which has been seen in many android devices and installing a touch id sensor on the power button which is also have been seen in many android devices here is the full summary of the latest report by Kuo.

Ming-Chi Kuo statement:

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the idea of installing a USB port c or touch Id sensor into the power button is terminated because of some reasons which are described that according to Apple Insider, they said that USB-C type may damage the bottom line of the MFi business profitability, and moreover, its ability to make phone waterproof is less than lightning and Magsafe, hence it low the reliability of phone.

MFi business:

We unequivocally accept that for Apple, adhering to Lightning for the iPhone 13 arrangement has more to do with MFi business productivity instead of water-opposition. All things considered, take the Galaxy S21 setup for instance; each of the three models highlights USB-C ports, and every one of the three is IP68 consistent. Also, since MagSafe was as of late presented, it will take some time before Apple chooses to dump the Lightning port through and through and totally receive MagSafe for its iPhone arrangement.

Their decision is to install the sole charging system and making a portless iPhone that is fully wireless and gives the experience of wireless charging, it is more beneficial because it ensures a 100 percent waterproof guarantee and more reliable than others,

However, Kuo also  said that this is not possible right now because the Magsafe ecosystem is not reached that point where they fully installed this system so besides everything they continue to use its Lightning port for the sake of the foreseeable future

Touch Id

There is also a rumor which tells us that there is a chance of installing a Touch Id sensor on the power button in the near future which is like installed in Ipad air refresh which gives you an experience of unlocking your phone with your finger, this proposes that it may take some time before the organization is prepared to change it up. In this way, for the individuals who didn’t need a ‘portless’ iPhone in 2021, apparently, your supplications have been replied to. Not with standing, it doesn’t mean Apple isn’t forcefully exploring different avenues regarding such a model, and we are certain we will hear more updates, later on, so stay tuned. 

This question is also asked in the latest press conference that if there is any plan of installing touch id sensors like which is mostly be seen in many android phones but the answer is no said by Kuo, They have not the specific idea of installing this right now.

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