Apple Event 2021: What To Expect From the “Spring Loaded” Event?

Spring has arrived and with it, the first Apple event of the year. The company successfully integrated custom ARM chips into its Macs last year, and today it continues its product updates with an event called “  Spring Loaded  ”.

As is usually the case with announcing an Apple event, we don’t expect the title of that event to imply anything specific to it. But, Apple has a lot of products to showcase. A quick overview of the various expected announcements!

iPad Mini 2021

One of the two new iPad models that we are expecting at the event is an iPad Mini. This brand new version of the iPad Mini is expected to be equipped with an Apple A13 or A14 processor. This new iPad Mini is also expected to look a lot like its predecessor, except for slightly thinner bezels around its display.

It is very likely that the iPad Mini of 2021 will keep a physical button on the front and the Touch ID sensor. It will also most likely have a power button and a volume button, as well as a physical button for orientation lock or mute.

iPad Pro 2021

It is suggested that a new iPad Pro 2021 with a USB-C port will appear at this new virtual event. It would be the Thunderbolt, booming connectivity, allowing to widen the field of possibilities for accessories of all kinds. The newer iPad Pro’s USB-C port is not Thunderbolt-compatible.

The iPad Pro is unlikely to feature any major changes in industrial design aside from the port. It’s possible that there will be a new set of cameras on the back of the iPad Pro, but there won’t be any other drastically different setup.


Finally, there is maybe, maybe, maybe a chance that Apple will reveal its AirTags system. Apple AirTags are tiny disc-shaped devices that connect wirelessly to smartphones, tablets, and more, letting the user know where they are at all times.

Apple TV 2021

It’s high time to launch a new Apple TV device , and recent rumors point to an Apple TV device with 120Hz capabilities. That means an image refresh rate of 120 frames per second, ready to go. with the most advanced televisions of today’s households. It is also possible that this new Apple TV is equipped with a remote control that is automatically compatible with the Apple Finder system.

Spring 2021 Apple Event start time

The new Apple Event will take place on Tuesday, April 20, 2021. It will then be broadcast at 7 p.m. French time. I will not fail to relay all the information about the event to you shortly after this one.

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