A New Report Suggests Apple Has Been Working To Develop a Nintendo Switch Competitor

The market for handheld games consoles is growing. Just a few days ago, Nintendo launched its OLED Switch that quickly sold out. When it went on sale – after Nintendo denied rumors of the Switch Pro 4K. In fact, Apple is looking to get into the market Apple Nintendo Switch competitor for handheld games according to a recent report.

Now, as per an alleged new report by iDrop News. Apple is developing its version of its own Nintendo Switch competitor. And the Cupertino giant is talking to major studios about developing games for the Switch.

As per this iDrop News report, Apple is currently working on ” the creation of an advanced hybrid gaming console ” and the report states that ” games that compete with Breath of the Wild, as well as Mario Odyssey, are almost ready .” The report explains that Apple might have put the project off because of the COVID-19 epidemic however it claims there is “still the possibility” that the console that is handheld is coming very soon.

Apple’s Nintendo Switch Competitor

The report states that the game console from Apple will be a mix with Sony’s Nintendo Switch and PS5 with the “premium appearance” and comes with “fun colors“. It will target a “funnier segment of the population” and will be able to benefit from Apple’s new AR VR headset.

Furthermore, sources claim that the Apple TV with the previously speculated. Apple A14 Bionic chip ” is the next console for games that will be able to compete with Nintendo Switch .”

Apple Nintendo Switch Competitor
Apple Nintendo Switch Competitor

As per the article, Apple’s Nintendo Switch competitor could cost between $ 449 and $549. Because of its “premium style.” Would you consider buying an Apple Nintendo Switch at such an expensive price?

Apple Arcade At The Heart Of The Experience

The year before there was another leak that said Apple was investing lots of money into new Apple Arcade games to be competitive with games. Such as Breath of the Wild, and that, as a result, Apple was developing two new Apple televisions as well as a. new gamepad. Even though this implies the possibility that Apple Arcade will be integrated with Apple’s existing hardware it isn’t ruled out the possibility of Apple launching the hybrid console. It is consistent with the report that Apple may be working on blockbuster games. The source isn’t in the habit of divulging inside information. However, it is following the same reports by other sources which seem to have said the exact similar thing.

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