A Big Improvement To Search in Windows 11 is Coming!

Microsoft has announced a new feature in Windows 11 called “Search highlights”. Its purpose is to highlight fresh content in the search interface, including not only illustrations, but also birthdays, and content that makes sense to every user. Perhaps this will justify Microsoft requiring everyone to be online when installing Windows 11.

Highlights will be refreshed daily, and Microsoft says that, by default, the new interface will also include access to the most recent files and apps you’ve used on the device. In other words, the search interface is evolving to become more like a Start menu which makes more sense in the future, especially since it helps find certain things much easier and faster.

Here’s How to Enable the feature!

“The search box in Start and Search will be periodically updated with content, including fun illustrations, that will help you discover more, stay connected, and stay productive. These clues in the search box give you a glimpse of what awaits you in the search house. Search highlights will feature notable and interesting moments, like holidays, birthdays, and other educational moments in time, both around the world and in your area. You’ll find rich, bold content on the search homepage that highlights what’s special today,” Microsoft says. If you don’t want to access search highlights, the feature can be turned off. Windows users can go to Settings > Privacy and security > Search settings > Show search highlights to disable or enable the feature.

Also Available on Windows 10 Devices

Also, the experience can be even more advanced and personalized using work and school accounts. “  By signing in with your work or school account, search becomes your one-stop-shop for files and contacts in your organization with Microsoft Search. Search highlights will show the latest updates from your organization and suggest people, files, and more. Explore files that may be of interest to you, or browse the people board in your organization. As always, just start typing to find everything about your organization right at your fingertips with search,” says Microsoft.

window 11 new feature

In addition to Windows 11, Windows 10 will also have these search functions, promises Microsoft. The feature will first be available in the Release Preview channel, but at this time there is no indication of when early Insiders will be able to try it out.

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