Is Apple Poised to Kill Off Another One of Its Products?

Rumors have been swirling over the release of Apple’s next iPhone later in September. Some rumors, which appear to be accurate, are pointing towards a number of changes. Recent rumors are now pointing towards a major change, that many did not see coming. Here’s what you need to know.

A Securities analyst named Ming-Chi Kuo, who has had a positive track record of Apple information, has noted that the company will not release a Rose Gold colored iPhone 8 this fall. The Rose Gold color was introduced by Apple a few years ago, but Apple may have already put it to rest. The claim lines up with a MacRumors report that leaked a photo showing off three iPhone 8s in Black, Silver, and Gold, with Rose Gold nowhere to be seen, as seen below. The Gold color did however have more a copper tone, hinting that Apple may just be combining its Gold and Rose Gold into a single color.

 | Source: Weibo |

| Source: Weibo |

Kuo also mentioned that Apple will indeed announced and begin selling three new iPhone models this September. Sales would begin a week or two after the announcement, similar to previous years. This goes against the rumors that have suggested Apple hit a production snag, and sales would be limited until early 2018. Kuo’s claim was also backed up by Apple’s CEO Tim Cook on his quarterly earnings call last month saying the company has a, “very exciting Fall” ahead, hinting that the new phones would be launching this fall.

Now, the Rose Gold color has always been an interesting color. I would never carry it around day-to-day, but it was always a color that turned my head. I would not be devastated if the color were to be disregarded, however, it was a nice alternative from “normality.” It should also be kept in mind that everything in this article is a rumor, and has not been confirmed by Apple in anyway. There is still time for something to happen, or for Apple to change their minds. No matter what, however, it shall be a very exciting Fall for Apple fans and investors.