The Tesla Model S Just Set Another Record

A Tesla club in Italy set another record with a P100D Tesla Model S. For those that don’t know, the P100D Model S is the top of the line when it comes to the Model S. So, what was this record they set? Here is everything you need to know.

 | Source: Twitter (@TeslaOwnersIT) | A photo of the instrument panel from the P100D that traveled 669.83 miles (1078 km) on a single charge. 

| Source: Twitter (@TeslaOwnersIT) | A photo of the instrument panel from the P100D that traveled 669.83 miles (1078 km) on a single charge. 

Late Friday night, the Tesla Club located in Italy tweeted that they had officially driven 669.83 miles, 1078 km, on a single charge. The tweet had a picture of the instrument panel (right) with a short message to its followers: “1078 km - 669.83 miles with Tesla ModelS 100D in a single charge by Tesla Owners Italy-Ticino-San Marino #teslarecord.” Later Friday night, Tesla CEO Elon Musk congratulated the club and confirmed, via Twitter, the accomplishment and announced that it was the first electric car to travel over 1,000 km on a single charge. The previous record was held by Steven Peeters and Joeri Cools of Belgium, who managed to squeeze 560 miles out of their Model S.

Model S drivers shouldn’t get too excited, however, as the distance was most likely set using a technique called hypermiling. Hypermiling is when a driver is attempting to get the maximum mileage possible out of a car’s performance, at any cost. Typically, this means driving at 23 MPH for around 29 hours straight without any features that are not required for driving, such as radio playback, air conditioning/heating, etc. Obviously this is not particularly practical for most driving situations.

On the other hand, it is exciting to see how far electric cars can be pushed with the highest amount of efficiency. The EPA’s range estimate for the P100D is significantly lower than what the Tesla Club of Italy achieved, as it compensates for a more practical driving experience with air conditioning/heat, higher speeds, frequent speed changes, etc.

EPA estimates for the P100D:

·       City Range: 331.1 miles

·       Highway Range: 337.2 miles

·       Combine Range: 335 Miles

Nonetheless, electric vehicles are headed in an interesting direction. The efficiency and power consumption of the Model S is continuing to improve, and the amount of power Tesla can put into their power packs is heading in the same direction. It will be a fun ride of the next few years as Tesla introduces the Model 3 to customers, and the world begins to see the benefits of an electric car. Either way, it is a win-win for both consumers and the planet.