Elon Musk Installed Tesla’s New Solar Roof, On His Own Home

Tesla’s new Solar Roofs went on pre-order earlier this year, and it looks as though installations have begun. Elon Musk, announced earlier this month on a conference call to investors that he would be one of the very first customers with the new roof, and he even provided a few pictures. Here’s what you need to know.

 | Source: The Verge | Photos Elon Musk shared with investors of Solar Roof installed in the real world. 

| Source: The Verge | Photos Elon Musk shared with investors of Solar Roof installed in the real world. 

Musk announced that some of the first owners of the new Solar Roof would be not only himself, but as well as Tesla’s CTO, JB Straubel. Musk released two photos (right) of a house (presumably Straubel’s) in a letter too investors that showcased the new technologically advanced solar roofs. Musk made several points to emphasize that the photos were not Photoshopped or edited in any way. No professional lighting or photographer was used either. The photos provide a very realistic view of the finished product, and the tiles themselves “actually look how they look” in the photo as they do in real life.

Musk did not provide any updates or changes as to when customers outside of Tesla would begin to have the new tiles installed on their homes. Installations are expected to start slow and quickly grow “exponentially,” similar to the Model 3. However, no specific numbers or targets were given. One unexpected piece of news did come when Musk announced that Tesla was using these first installations and versions to help refine the final product. Up until this point there was no news that there would be different “versions” of the solar roof besides the design/style of the tiles.

Nonetheless, with Solar Roof only being announced back in October of 2016 the company has made some serious progress, as the idea and technology is relatively new. The titles are meant to look like any other roof, but have solar panels built-in to allow customers to generate solar power without having to install clunky solar panels on their roofs. The tiles are then designed to work alongside the Tesla Powerwall 2 to store the energy that the tiles generate, onsite, for the customer to use when needed. As with any new technology the tiles are going to cost a pretty penny up-front, but the long term equity could be invaluable.

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