Google’s Home Speaker Just Got a Major Upgrade

Google’s Home Speaker, Google Home, is a fairly new home speaker on the market. One of the major features that Google itself touted earlier this year was being able to stream any audio source over Bluetooth to the speaker. It seems that the feature is, finally, available. Here’s everything you need to know.

 | Google's Home Speaker (in White) |

| Google's Home Speaker (in White) |

On Saturday, Android Police reported that the Google Home speaker could now receive audio over Bluetooth. Google has yet to officially confirm the feature is active, but users across the world are beginning to see the feature become available. Google accidentally activated the feature back in June, but it seems like its for real this time.

The update now allows users music, videos, podcasts that are stored locally on various devices to play them, via Bluetooth, to the Home speaker. It should be noted, however, that there have been an increasing number of reports that the functionality has some noticeable lag when audio is being streamed. If in fact Google has enabled the feature, this could simply be a minor issue that could be resolved with a firmware update.  

The should be rolling out in groups, and all users should have the update by mid-week, if they do not already have it. Nonetheless, this is a major feature that the speaker was missing, and if it does stick around it will undoubtedly draw many people to the speaker. Do you have a Google Home? Are you looking forward to the new feature? Let myself and other readers know below!