It’s Time to End Cyberbullying, Forever

Cyber Bullying. Two Words. Thirteen letters. Five syllables. Yet, those seemingly two simple words can shake a person to their core.

With the start of the technology era at the beginning of the decade, society is facing new and complex issues that are not black and white, and cyber bullying is a prime example. With new social media platforms and innovative technology, people across the world are facing new pressure from those around them online. Those that have been or are being bullied know the ordeal is a stressful and delicate situation. Worrying about the next potential conflict, and not knowing who to trust is stressful. Before technology, people may have been able to go home at night, or during the weekend, and be free from their bully. Now, however, with technology ever expanding, new forms of bullying are rising, and people cannot break free from the hold of their bully. The first, and most crucial step of bullying is to make it abundantly clear that no form of physical, verbal, or emotional abuse will be tolerated by any means.

The way adults have traditionally learned to deal with bullies, is very black and white, and typically includes having the person being bullied change their ways, and this is the first problem. From the first day of school, children are taught to be kind to everyone, and not to bully. In reality, children, especially young children, know to an extent that bullying in any form is wrong. Adults, more so than children, can be a bigger addition to the problem than the solution. Adults are quick to educate those younger than themselves, yet they also need to be educated on this new and complex issue. New forms of social media, techniques to defuse potential situations that are stress inducing, and ways to punish those involved without using the person already being bullied as a scape goat, are all important steps for adults. Adults and children alike need to be educated, and it needs to be more than the repetition of facts. Without open minded education and training, cyber bulling will always be a social issue that will never be completely expelled. Starting a campaign in a community or school, to bring people together is an effective way to show bullying will never be acceptable.

Cyber bullying has no place in our world. Every single person on this planet is human, no matter the background, religion, ethnicity, or wealth of that individual. A person’s individuality and contribution to the world is what makes this world so amazing, and cyber bullying has no business ruining that special bond between people. Speak out against any abuse and bullying, educate yourself and others on ways to prevent bullying, and share your experiences and techniques with those around you!

Speak out. Educate. Share. With these three components, cyber bullying will become a distant memory.