A Long Awaited Feature Could Be Coming to the Apple Watch

The third-generation Apple Watch is expected to be announced this fall alongside the new iPhone. New rumors are beginning to surface, and a long awaited feature could finally make it into the Apple Watch. Here’s what you need to know.

 The Second-Generation Apple Watch Nike+

The Second-Generation Apple Watch Nike+

An analyst named Ming-Chi Kuo, who has a great track record with the Apple rumor mill, recently released a note talking about the upcoming Apple Watch. The note reported that the Apple Watch would keep the same two sizes, 38 and 42mm, and would add LTE functionality similar to iPads. LTE was rumored to be in the second-generation Apple Watch, but never made the cut. It would appear that all of the major U.S. carriers would support the device, and plans would be priced similarly to iPad plans.

Recent rumors were suggesting that we might see a major redesign, but that does not seem to be the case. Kuo believes that the third-generation would be very similar to the first and second-generation just with the added LTE functionality. He believes that a major re-design would come when the watch receives more FDA approvals that support medical applications, and updated 5G LTE capability.

For now, I would bet on a very similar looking Apple Watch with added LTE capability. There have been very few rumors relating to a redesign, and if it were to be announced alongside the new iPhone it would already be in mass production. However, the tech industry is very fluid, and you never know what Apple has planned. What changes would you want to see with the new Apple Watch? Comment below!