Spotify’s Biggest Problem

I have used Spotify’s free streaming service for close to a year now, and there is one problem that I continuously encounter that keeps me from buying into their paid streaming plans. Here’s what you need to know.

For those that don’t know, Spotify is a streaming service, usually for music, that has both a free and paid version. Not to mention, Spotify also the most users active per month, which is no easy feat. With the free version, you miss out on features like unlimited skips, downloading music to listen offline, and ad-free listening, all of which are a part of their pair plans. Every once and awhile, however, Spotify offers you an option to listen to a targeted ad, which probably has a higher commission, and in return your free service will get 30-minutes of ad-free listening.

Personally, I use Spotify for listening to music during my workouts, which typically include walking, running, and lifting. The free service is great for being able to listen to the world’s latest music, for free. Now, I do not mind an ad every once and a while, as I completely understand Spotify needs to earn revenue. Several times over the last few weeks, however, I have been offered “30-minutes of ad-free listening” for listening to a “single” targeted ad, which I mentioned earlier. To avoid distracting ads during most of my workout, I always opt in for the ad-free time. Unfortunately, this never seems to work for me, as I listen to the targeted ad, and then two or three songs later I am stuck listening to three or four ads in a row. Now, I know some of you are already thinking “well duh, it’s a business, and you really can’t complain as you aren’t even paying for the service.” To all of those people out there, I COMPLETELY agree with you.

The ads are not where my problem lies, it lies with Spotify not holding up their promise of 30-minutes of ad-free listening. Yes, the ad-free listening is not guaranteed with the free service, but if a business can’t keep a promise for something in return after I listened to a targeted ad that just made them money, how do I know that they will keep their end of the bargain once I begin paying for the service. I have several friends that are currently paying for the paid version of Spotify, and are still stuck listening to ads. It seems that every person’s experience is different.

Spotify will always be a decent option of you want to be able to listen to the newest music for free, if you don’t mind listening to ads. However, it’s the lack of trust that is currently hurting Spotify from having more paid users. Let myself, and other readers know if you are experiencing the same problems below!