Prime Day Strikes Again on July 11

Amazon recently announced that its annual Prime Day will take place on July 11, 2017. Prime Day is day filled with deals on all of the products that Amazon sells on its website. Many deals are better than those that are available on Black Friday, so pay attention! Along with great deals, Amazon’s Prime service will be at a steep discount making it a great deal as it offers an abundance of services, including free 2-day shipping on most items, for an annual membership cost.

Those that are already Prime members with Amazon know what a good deal the service is. Having free 2-day shipping on most of your purchases is a deal to begin with, however, Prime members also get access to Amazon’s Prime Video streaming service as well. If you want to partake in the savings, you will need to be a Prime member, however, with its steep discount the membership is well worth the try! Any current Prime member will be more than happy to share about their fast shipping, big savings, and free video streaming any day!

Amazon will announce new deals throughout the day, and typically the deals get better as the day moves on. If you are looking for any item in particular beware, as deals can sell out within minutes, especially technology. If you already know what you are planning on buying on the 11th, take a look at right now! Some Prime Day deals are already in effect!

Get excited! Prime Day has always been a day of deals, and Amazon has yet to let its customers down. If you are already a Prime member, comment your favorite perk of being a member below for those that are on the fence about signing up! On the 11th feel free to comment links to the deals you think are the best. Don’t forget to check back to this article as it will be updated will some of the day’s best deals, if they are still in stock. Circle your calendar, this year’s Prime Day looks to be one of the best yet!