The Importance of a Great Website

We are well into the 21st century, and websites play an immense role in everyday life. For part-time bloggers to some of the world’s biggest corporations, a truly great website has immeasurable value and importance. Exceptional websites can spark ideas, drive sales, and get a community talking about the idea or business you are working to share.  Let’s dive into some of key aspects to make your website(s) as valuable as possible.

Any website starts with the content it is sharing with its viewers. The relationship between publisher and reader is key, and any good relationship needs to be built on trust. Whether you are a blogger from home or a multi-million-dollar corporation, if the content you are sharing is boring, false, or both, viewers are going to label you as a poor source for information. Make sure the content you share has a focus, story, and maybe even relate to certain viewers. The more you can grasp readers with your story or idea, the more likely they are to share and talk about it, both of which are good for you.

Closely following content is a website’s design, layout, and flow. Take a moment, what are your pet peeves when viewing websites? Better yet, what do you hate with a passion on websites you visit? Confusing page layouts, ads galore, auto-play videos, typos? The list goes on and on. A rule of thumb to follow when designing and building your own website, NEVER do anything on your website that you don’t like on other websites. The chances are very high that someone else feels the same way you do. Any and all text on your website should be clearly visible and easy to read. Page order should be easy to follow and should be in an appropriate order. Think like your viewers, a great website knows what a viewer wants to do before the viewer even knows. Keep it simple, stupid. Most importantly, your design should NEVER take away or distract any viewer from your content. Your content makes you website your own.

Finally, all websites should be completed BEFORE you publish them. As obvious as this sounds, visiting a website that is half-completed is frustrating and looks unprofessional. If you need a few extra days to complete a design and build, TAKE IT! Make sure to fill out the description and SEO areas of your website so potential viewers can find you! Content will forever be king when it comes to websites, that will never change. However, kings need people around them to help them grow, and in this case design, ease of use, SEO, descriptions, flow, and simplicity are those people in the background helping the King maintain his empire.

Websites are forever changing the way the world is working. To take advantage of the possible value that a website brings in 2017, it needs to be the best it can be. If anything were to be taken from this article, it should be 4 words. Keep it simple, stupid. Those 4 words will take you a long way in building a successful, popular, and profitable website.