Juicero – A Hidden Gem?

Juicero is a relatively new automated juice presser. Juciero makes its own fully organic juice packs made from various fruits and vegetables, and the Juicero appliance itself applies 8,000 pounds of pressure on these pouches in around 30 seconds for a fresh serving of juice. Social media has not been too kind on the appliance as it costs $399, but I think Juciero could be a hidden gem.

 | Source: Juicero | The Juicero Juice Presser, Pressing a Green Juice

| Source: Juicero | The Juicero Juice Presser, Pressing a Green Juice

Obviously the most important part of any juicer is the juice it is making. According to Juciero’s website all fruits and vegetables are completely organic and arrive in your juice package just days after harvest. Every single juice pack is completely raw, organic, has no GMOs, never frozen, and has no added water. The juice pouches range from $5-$8 per pouch, which is not bad by any means, especially if you are serious about getting natural foods. It may actually be cheaper than some businesses in your area. There are a variety of juice compounds made for renewal, seasonal fruits or vegetables, or even green cleanses. Packs are ordered in a bundle (1 bundle = 5 packs) and customers subscribe for bundle deliveries on a weekly basis. Customers can schedule when and where the bundle is to be delivered, and what kind of packs make up their bundle.  Each pack specifically says what ingredients are in the juice, and a complete nutrition label for each individual juice pack. It should be mentioned that the juice in the various packs can actually be squeezed out by hand, but Juicero does not recommend this, as the appliance is designed to squeeze the juice out for maximum value.

To get started, customers select 5 juice packs they would like to try in their weekly bundle. A delivery date, time, and location is set, and Juicero is on its way. Customers can even stagger delivery dates to avoid running out of juice.

Social media has not been too kind on Juciero, claiming it is too expensive. I would argue otherwise. Yes, the press is expensive at $399, however, long term use may become cheaper than going to a juice store, such as Juice Press, and buying a juice every day. Many quality juicers and blenders are also around the same price point. Look at single serve, automated coffee makers such as Keurigs. When they were first introduced, many claimed they were too expensive, or unconventional, and the coffee was too expensive. Now, with their popularity continuing to grow, newer less expensive models have been announced and coffee prices have stabilized at a much cheaper price. I feel that Juciero is in the same position. Yes, the appliance itself is not cheap, but the juices themselves are relatively cheaper. With more and more people looking to get healthy and make better changes, juicing has become popular. Now, of course you can buy a juicer and make your own, but many don’t have time in the morning to sit and make a juice. Whereas the Juicero can make it in 30 seconds as you are ready to walk out the door.

If you are looking for a demo of how Juicero works, I have a video below:

With its clean and minimalistic look, the Juicero could fit in almost any kitchen while staying out of the way. With its simple online ordering I feel it may be even more convenient than even taking the detour to your favorite place in town for a juice. If you are interested in the Juciero it is currently being sold in 17 states including AR, AZ, CA, CO, ID, KS, LA, NE, NM, NV, OK, OR, UT, SD, TX, WA, and WY. Juicero is already looking at expanding the states that it is available in. The device may be aimed towards a niche health market, but I feel that it will take off if everyday consumers can get past the price tag and give it a chance.

**I was not endorsed or payed by Juicero in any way. These are my first thoughts after hearing about the smart appliance on social media. **