Tesla Set to Unveil its Electric Semi-Truck Tonight

Tesla’s long-awaited unveiling of its completely electric powered semi-truck is finally taking place tonight. After weeks of delays caused by the Model 3 and recent natural disasters, Musk is ready to get the ball rolling. Here’s what you need to know.

Elon Musk and his team over at Tesla were planning to unveil their latest creation last month, but delays caused by Model 3 production woes and rebuilding equipment for Puerto Rico took precedence over the reveal. However, today is the day that the trucking world could change forever.

Musk tweeted on Sunday (below), that today (November 16, 2017) the Tesla Semi-Truck unveiling would be webcasted live at 8 pm. The event received a large amount of attention last month before the delay was announced. If Musk and his team can get this project off the ground it would be a big step towards Tesla’s, and even more so Musk's, goal of having all vehicles on the road be powered electrically.

Are you excited for tonight’s announcement? Do you currently own a Tesla vehicle? If so, what are your thoughts about your purchase and/or Tesla as a company? Let myself and other readers know below!

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