Yahoo Account Holders: ACT NOW!

Late last week Yahoo confirmand that a data breach of over 500 MILLION accounts including logins, names, birthdays, and security questions were stolen. Passwords were NOT stolen because the were more encrypted, but the bad news is that you are probably on the list of accounts that were breached. It’s too soon to say who was targeted by the data dump, but I have a few tips help you re-secure your account.

Change Your Password

To begin, the most obvious thing to do after any data breach is to change your password, obviously. Just because the passwords are encrypted to a higher standard, doesn’t mean they can’t be breached, it will just take the hackers longer to decrypt them. Changing a password for a Yahoo, Flickr, or Tumblr account is a great idea.  Using a password manager is also a great idea. I use 1Password and absolutely love it! It is easy to set-up, use, sync, and keep up to date across multiple browsers, computers, and mobile devices. It also makes using stronger passwords easier and makes sure you don’t use the same password twice!

Set-Up Two Factor Authentication

Finally, two-factor authentication makes resetting your password when it is stolen almost impossible because the second factor of authentication is a code sent to an app (Google Authenticator for example) or as an SMS to your phone. This allows you to keep track of your account and know if someone is trying to get into your account. It is very easy to set-up and I would HIGHLY recommend turning the feature on for every account that you have that supports the feature.

Data breaches are a hassle for everyone involved. Taking the extra five minutes during the set-up process of an account can ultimately be the difference between saving and losing your account in a data dump. There are several more tips to lockdown your account, but these are some of the best and easiest options to lock down your account without getting too involved in the process.