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What to Expect: Apple’s September 7th Keynote

What to Expect: Apple’s September 7th Keynote

Earlier this week Apple officially sent out invitations to its Keynote on September 7th, 2016. With rumors circulating like crazy, we can expect a fairly busy announcement. Let me guide you on what you can expect from the tech giant on the 7th of September.

iPhone 7?

When Apple sent out the invitations the first thing most everyone noticed was that the Keynote was on the 7th of September, coincidence? Probably not. This is most likely Apple’s sly way of announcing the name of the new phone before they actually announce it. The background itself seems like just another night shot of an Apple logo, but it does hint at more. The type of photo in the background is called bokeh, which is very hard to achieve with only one camera. The new iPhone has also been rumored to have two lenses for months now, so the photo could be getting at that specific rumor, and it could also be hinting at better low-light performance as well.

More recent rumors have also hinted that there may be a 5th color option available with the new phone, what many are calling a “glossy Space Black.” Another rumor suggested that the new phone with come standard with 32gb or 64gb of storage, finally ditching the 16gb base capacity. A photo of the back of the new iPhone box surfaced just a few days ago and it also suggested a new 256gb capacity. That same photo also claimed the new phone will NOT have a headphone jack, but instead with come with Lightning EarPods and WILL come with a Lightning to 3.5mm adapter in the box. The unconfirmed decision to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack has gotten large amounts of criticism and has turned some potential buyers away.


iOS 10 was announced in June at Apple’s WWDC conference. The new OS with be available to the general public alongside the new iPhone’s as it has been in beta for several months and is getting close to its final build. If you would like to see some of its new features, you can read our article here.

Apple Watch

Rumors have started to surface about an Apple Watch 2 with a thinner display and larger battery, but the watch is not expected to be announced for several months. Apple Watch users can however expect the next generation of watchOS. You can read about all of its new features here. If for some reason watchOS would not be mentioned I would most definitely expect it in October.

Apple TV

Not much can be expected for the Apple TV as it was just refreshed in late 2015. Customers can expect a new version of tvOS, along with its new features which you can read about here. If for some reason tvOS was not mentioned I would most definitely expect it in October.

macOS/ Mac Updates

Looking at Apple’s history I would not expect any news for Mac users. macOS Sierra may launch with the new version of iOS but any hardware updates are usually saved for their own announcement in October. There have been plenty of rumors on a new MacBook Pro which I have covered here.

With all of the new operating systems, rumors on the new iPhone, and Apple’s own hints, customers can most likely expect a busy Keynote. The Keynote will most likely be streamed on apple.com at 10 AM PST/ 1 PM EST. I will have an article covering all of the major news available right here on The Tech Surge as well. 

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