Sony Announces a PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim

Last week Sony announced a new PS4 console, the PS4 Pro. The console is rumored to be the PlayStation Neo that has been rumored for months. The console competes with Microsoft’s recent Xbox One S refresh and focuses on 4K gaming.

Obviously, 4K gaming is in the near future, but 1080p still dominates most games. The Pro also focuses on increasing the frame-rate at which newer games will be playable at. Most games on the base PS4 are still slow and sluggish at times. 4K gaming may still be down the road, but increased frame-rates should make more PS4 games smoother and less sluggish.

The new PS4 Pro will also take advantage of HDR technology. For those that do not know, High Dynamic Rang (HDR) supports greater contrast, color accuracy, and greater depth of field. The Pro’s new GPU is running on AMD’s Polaris platform and Sony says, “…it is up to twice as fast as the original PS4’s graphics performance.” The hard drive will also now come standard with 1TB of storage, double that of what comes with the original PS4. The console is also said to have a faster CPU with memory that has wider bandwidth.

There is no doubt that games will run better on the Pro, but it is not a huge step toward 4K gaming. The PS4 Pro is still just a mid-live update that provides mostly internal updates. The Pro will launch on November 10th for $399 for those that would like to purchase it.

Sony also announced a new PS4 Slim that is fairly comparable to the current PS4. The Slim will release on September 15 for $299. Sony also mentioned that they will begin to phase out the old PS4 once the Slim hits the market.