NVIDIA Announces GTX 1080 and 1070

Last night NVIDIA revealed its new GTX 1080 and 1070 next-generation GPUs. NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Nuang showed just how better the 1080 actually is. The card is faster and three times as power efficient as compared to the company’s $1,000 Titan X. The 1080 shows just how much power it has when it out performs 2 GTX 980 cards running in SLI. The 1080 is built with the new 16mm FinFET manufacturing process, allowing it to be more power efficient on top of being faster. 

NVIDIA claims the 1080 to be a gamer’s dream card. The company showed off some games like The Division running at max setting at over 60 FPS and later revealed that the game was running off only one of the new 1080s. The 1080 will also help with reducing distortion when triple monitor set-ups are being used or with ultra-wide 21x9 monitors. The card also contains hardware that will make VR rendering more efficient. Huang also stated that the 1080 is twice as fast as the Titan X when using a multi-projection feature to render VR.

There were very few technical details but a few specs were given. Users can expect the 1080 to dish out 9 teraflops with 8GB of new GDDR5X RAM, and the 1070 (which is still faster than the Titan X) will deliver 6.5 teraflops with 8GB of new GDDR5X RAM. The GTX 1080 will be available for $599 on May 27, and you also purchase a special NVIDIA Founders Edition for $699. The 1070 will be available June 10 for #379 and the Founders Edition will cost $449.