Seagate Announces a New 8TB Hard Drive Powered by One USB-C Cable

Seagate recently announced a new 8 terabyte desktop external hard drive, launching next month for $350. The device is named Innov8 and it requires only one USB-C cable for power and data transfer. This feature alone makes it a perfect partner for many laptops released late last year and early this year. Seagate is making the claim that this is the first external drive of this size to not need a dedicated power source or adapter.

It is not very small, but that should not be a problem as most will keep it on their desk. The device itself will be somewhat hard to carry around in a bag on a day to day basis. Seagate was bought out by LaCie in 2012 and this drives looks like a typical LaCie design. The hard drive itself will not be the fastest on the planet, but USB 3.1 should keep transfer speeds reasonably fast. Customers need to keep in mind that the Innov8 was made for shear capacity not portability.