PlayStation Network Will Be Receiving Two-Factor Authentication in Near Future

Sony is continuing to try and make efforts to increase security for its customers on PlayStation Network. The company’s latest step is the beginning of implementing two-factor authentication. The feature was first reported in the 4.80 update for PS3 systems. Users noticed after they successfully signed in, the console mentioned two-factor authentication, a feature PlayStation Network currently does not have. Sony did confirm the report and stated that more details would be released in the coming future.

Two-factor authentication adds a step to the login process that accounts without the feature do not have. The idea behind two-factor authentication is in the name, users need two different factors to enter an account. The first is typically a username and password, and the second being a six-digit number sent to you via a text message or application on your phone.

Sony has faced several major security breaches in the last five years. The goal with two-factor authentication would be to help secure customer information if these hacks occur again and to prevent accounts being stolen from day-to-day.  Sony is playing catch-up in the security department as Microsoft’s Xbox Live has had the feature for nearly three years. It will be interesting to see how fast Sony will deploy the feature. For those that would like the added security now, you are going to have to wait just a little longer.