Autonomous Driving is Going to Cost You

Last Wednesday Tesla called for a press event to announce a “new product from Tesla.” The announcement itself was very short, however it left viewers amazed at the possibilities of the new “product” from Tesla.

Tesla is taking the next step to move the world towards self-driving vehicles. The car giant announced that, as of last Wednesday, all Tesla vehicles produced in their factory will have the hardware to allow for full self-driving capabilities of the car. Eight surround cameras will provide 360-degree visibility around the car up to 250 meters of range. There will be twelve ultrasonic sensors to complement the eight cameras, thus allowing for detection of both hard and soft objects. The cars will also have forward-facing radar that will provide additional data, and the radar can see that data through rain, fog, dust and even the car ahead.

Source: Tesla

To make use of the new data that will be provided by the car, Tesla is using a new computer with more than “40 times” the computing power as compared to the previous computer. With the new sensors, computer, and millions of miles of real-world data already captured by vehicles on the road, Tesla says the car’s capability to safely drive itself “go far beyond the human senses.”

However, if you are looking to buy a Model S or X with the new features, be prepared as the new equipment will run you an extra $8,000. Tesla also confirmed that the Model 3 with also have the same capabilities. Tesla will slowly roll out the new features as over the air updates in the coming weeks and months. The future of autonomous driving looks very promising, but be prepared to pay for the new features.