Windows 10 Review

Windows 10 is here and there is much to know and enjoy. The new operating system (OS) made its way into the public on July 29th with a complete redesign and numerous new features for its users.  The new OS is rolling out to users in groups to ensure a smooth upgrade. The new OS is focused on continuing to move in the direction of Windows 8 but with new and previous features. 

Upgrading could not have been made easier. Any genuine Windows 7 or 8 user can look for a windows icon (picture below) in the bottom right corner of their screen to download the update. Before upgrading make sure to have a backup of your computer and another copy of documents when data loss is not an option. Waiting to upgrade for 2 or 3 weeks is another wise idea. Any new OS is bound to have bugs and waiting would give Microsoft time to fix any issues. 

Before Windows 10 Cortana was known as 'just another virtual assistant', but not anymore. Cortana is being introduced to PCs with the new OS bringing powerful, useful features. Engaging with the virtual assistant could not be easier. Simply say 'Hey Cortana' and you have her attention (picture below). You can use the virtual assistant to look up scores of sports games, set reminders, show you the latest news stories, record notes and play music. We think that Cortana is one of Windows 10's most useful features. Not to mention the other powerful new features and previous features from Windows 7.

Windows 10 focuses on merging all of your experiences, from phones to tablets, desktops, laptops and even your Xbox. Microsoft is trying to bring all features to every device. A brand new feature in Windows 10 is being able to stream your Xbox One games to any desktop or laptop running the new OS through the new Xbox app (picture below). You will be able to plug your Xbox controller into a Windows 10 computer and pick up your game where you left off on your Xbox. This feature will be a very big reason to upgrade for some users.

Microsoft has designed features to cater to everyone’s needs in Windows 10. From its easy upgrade process to all of the new and returning features, it truly is miles ahead of is predecessor Windows 8. I would definitely recommend upgrading but waiting a few weeks for any bugs to be fixed would not be a bad idea either.