Apple Starts Shipping New Magic Accessories

On October 13, 2015 Apple quietly announced an update to their line of 'Magic' accessories. The update brought new versions of the Apple Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse, and Magic Trackpad. A new feature with all three devices is that they come with a built-in rechargeable battery that charges over lighting. Apple claims a single charge will last over one month and charging the device for two minutes will get you nine hours of use. All three of the new products started shipping on the 13th and all three can be included with the purchase of an iMac for and extra $50.

 Apple Magic Keyboard

The new keyboard brings a redesign with a few new features. It has lost its round design and is now a single piece of aluminum that slopes down from top to bottom. The new Magic Trackpad also shows off the same new design and it will fit perfectly right along side the keyboard. Although the new look may seem welcoming, the new keys may require some reteaching for your fingers. The new keys are somewhat larger and have a smaller gap between each key. The function and arrow keys are much larger then they are on the first Magic Keyboard. The keys use a new "scissor" mechanism that is relatively similar to the MacBook keys but are not quite as shallow. With the keys being as close and more shallow typing at first could be a challenge.  The redesign and new battery will cost you an extra $30. The Magic Keyboard is now priced at $99.

 Magic Trackpad

The trackpad received the biggest redesign. It is also a single piece of aluminum that slopes down from top to bottom with a glossy white top. The surface of the trackpad is now wider and takes on a more rectangular shape. The new design allows it to be placed directly next to your Magic Keyboard. With the new design the trackpad comes the support of Force Touch and the ability to click anywhere on the face of the trackpad, a feature that was not supported on the first generation. The new Magic Trackpad is now $129, double the cost of the first trackpad.

Magic Mouse

Apple`s Magic Mouse received the least changes. The design is almost identical to the first generation Magic Mouse. It has lost its 2AA battery compartment for its rechargeable battery. The lightening port to charge the mouse is on the bottom of the device, making it impossible to use the device while you are charging it. Apple has also claimed that the mouse also features new side rails, but no notice could be felt. The new rechargeable battery, and side rails will cost you an extra $10. The Magic Mouse 2 is now priced at $79. 

The update to all three accessories is a welcome change. Some needed them more than others. They should be around for awhile and a refresh to where you charge the devices may change within the next year or two would not be a surprise.