Galaxy S21 Could Arrive Without Charger And Headphones In The Box

If you are shocked at the title of this article, then you are probably not very familiar with Samsung. Not so long ago, Samsung joined or perhaps even led the internet in mocking Apple for Apple’s decision to exclude a charger inside the iPhone 12 packaging.

Those who were more familiar with Samsung’s history simply took note, and carefully kept the tweet in a corner of their hard drive to bring it out at the right time. Less than two months later, we see what appears to be confirmation that after mocking Apple, Samsung is actually going to follow in its footsteps and ship its next flagship, the Galaxy S21, expected to start without a charger or headset in 2021.

It wouldn’t be the first time that Samsung has made such a move. When Apple ditched the headphone jack, it criticized that move as well. Of course, the latest Samsung models no longer have this port.

In France, they will have headphones

That said, the company could actually face opposition in that country and be forced to ship shippers there. Brazil reportedly forced Apple to include chargers in its iPhone 12 boxes sold there, saying it was not convinced by Apple’s reasons for excluding them initially. Chances are the government will demand Samsung to do the same. In addition, in France we should see boxes of Galaxy S21 arriving with headphones since French law requires manufacturers to slip in a pair – Apple had to create a specific box for France in order to house the smartphone and the headphones. . The certification also gives some minor details on smartphones such as their batteries, 4000 mAh for the Galaxy S21, 4800 mAh for the Galaxy S21 + and 5000 mAh for the Galaxy S21 Ultra. In fact, the documents do not name the smartphones “Galaxy S21”, which suggests that this may not yet be the name of Samsung’s smartphones without chargers and headphones.

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