Galaxy Buds Pro Render Reveals New Rounded Design

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Not to be outdone against its biggest rival, Samsung has also paid much more attention to its own Bluetooth headphones, moving away from the old “Gear” brand to adopt a more cohesive name, Galaxy Buds. Although bearing the same name, Samsung’s headphones are hardly alike in appearance. The latest Galaxy Buds Live takes the top spot, but it looks like Samsung will ditch that form for something more traditional in its next iteration.

Sticking to a single name “Galaxy Buds” requires you to come up with suffixes to differentiate them from each other. But unlike Apple, which has kept the same design for all of its AirPods versions, Samsung is once again changing its Wireless Stereo Headphones (TWS) for next year.

Today, an image of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Buds Pro wireless earbuds was leaked, thanks to famed Evan Blass. You can see the apparent image of the headphones at the top of this article. At first glance, Galaxy Buds Pro appears to have a more rounded shape than Galaxy Buds Live, and they look more like Galaxy Buds Plus.

However, on closer inspection, the pair of headphones seems to share the Buds’ brilliant shine. It looks like Samsung’s idea is to combine the premium surface of the Galaxy Buds Live with a more familiar form of the Galaxy Buds +. Here’s a picture of what the Galaxy Buds + look like, for comparison:

A launch with the Galaxy S21

Blass also posted a render that appears to show the case of the Galaxy Buds Pro – a render that looks like a diagram of the case found in recent FCC filings for the Galaxy Buds Pro. Instead of the more oblong shape of the case for the Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Buds +, the Galaxy Buds Pro’s case appears to be more square with rounded corners, like that of Samsung’s bean-shaped Galaxy Buds Live headphones.

A new shape and a new case aren’t the only new updates coming to the Galaxy Buds Pro – they could also feature active noise cancellation and ambient mode improvements, according to SamMobile. Indeed, these Galaxy Buds Pro will arrive with ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) support, and it will be the second TWS earphone from Samsung to integrate this technology. The silicone tips will provide better insulation compared to Galaxy Buds Live.

The Galaxy Buds Pro are expected to be unveiled alongside the Galaxy S21 smartphones in January.

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