Microsoft Releases The first Windows 10 Feature Experience Pack update

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It seems like a distant memory, but there was a time when Windows updates were delivered through rare service packs. Since then, Microsoft has adopted the slogan “Windows as a Service”, which refers to a faster rate of deployment of security patches and bug fixes as needed.

However, the features of Windows itself are still awaiting the company’s biannual releases, which have already been criticized for lacking quality and testing.

Microsoft has tested new strategies and cycles to address this. Microsoft is starting to test a new method to deliver software updates to Windows users more quickly. The Windows Feature Experience Pack is a collection of Windows features that can be updated outside of regular Windows Feature Updates – which means that instead of releasing updates twice a year, Microsoft can push the updates.

Some users have noticed signs of the Feature Experience Pack in their Windows settings over the past year, but Microsoft had not commented on it publicly until today. Indeed, the software giant has released the first update to the Feature Experience Pack for members of the Windows Insider program.

By itself, this Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212. 1070.0 Which was just released is almost negligible. It involves minor improvements to the built-in screenshot functionality as well as the addition of split keyboard mode to the touch keyboard when in portrait orientation. These kinds of new features often have to wait for the next major Windows update, which actually makes the idea of ​​the Experience Pack more interesting.

Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc notes that currently “only a limited number of features are developed in this way “, but the company hopes “to expand the scope and frequency of releases in the future  .”

The future of updates?

What’s more interesting than these two small features is that Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212. 1070.0 could be just the first in a series of updates that could change the way updates are delivered by allowing operating system features to be deployed or updated from Windows Update without waiting for a major update to the operating system.

Currently, you will only get the update if you are a Windows Insider Program member in the Beta Channel and are using Windows 10 20H2 Build 19042.662, which released last week. But if the program proves successful, it could eventually appear on stable versions of Windows 10 in the future.

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