Microsoft Helped Move Windows 10 On ARM!!

Apple last month launched its custom M1 chip based on the ARM architecture. Today, the developer community is working around the clock to implement its applications on the platform.

In addition, Parallels has also started working on its own application that is supposed to bring Windows into the new world of Apple Silicon, and not long ago the company announced the very first preview version allowing users to try it all out. very early.

ARM Architecture

As it turns out, Parallels was not alone in its struggle to run Windows on an Apple Silicon chip, as Microsoft itself helped the company do it. It’s unclear how the two worked together, but Omar Shahine, vice president of OneDrive, applauded the joint effort on Twitter. “  It’s amazing! Windows 10 on ARM running on the MacBook Air M1. Superb performance and great autonomy! Thanks to @ParallelsMac and @Microsoft for releasing the ARM version of Windows,  ” he tweeted.

Microsoft is committed to an Apple Silicon world

“It’s really up to Microsoft to decide,” said Craig Federighi, SVP of software engineering. “  We have the core technologies for them to do that, to run their ARM version of Windows, which in turn, of course, supports x86 user-mode applications. But that’s a decision Microsoft must make so that users can use this licensed technology on these Macs. But, Macs are certainly very capable of it  ”.

In the meantime, the world around Apple Silicon is growing, and Microsoft itself is investing heavily in optimizing software for the new chip. Microsoft Office, Microsoft Teams, and other leading Microsoft apps are supported by the M1 processor because Microsoft wants everything to run as smoothly as possible on Apple’s new hardware.

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