Surface Pro 8 Will Arrive With LTE Connectivity Support

Microsoft’s next big launch in the hardware market isn’t necessarily the international launch of its first Android smartphone, the Surface Duo, but the announcement of the Surface Pro 8, which should see the light of day this quarter.

Surface Pro 8

And based on information we’ve received in the past, the Surface Pro 8 should have roughly the same design as its predecessor, so theoretically Microsoft would focus on under the hood improvements and nothing more.

This means the Surface Pro 8 would be more of a component refresh and less of a new generation, an approach that might actually disappoint even bigger fans.

In the meantime, the good news is that the Surface Pro 8 could also come with new features, and a recent report from WindowsLatest suggests that official documents filed by Microsoft reveal that support for LTE connectivity seems confirmed for the Surface Pro 8.

If this information is correct, the Surface Pro 8 will most likely ship with LTE variants, and if the aforementioned report is correct, then South Korea and possibly other countries should get them.

A simple variation?

It seems that the LTE option is only offered on the Surface Pro 8 equipped with an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, so it is highly likely that the Core i3 version will remain compatible with the non-LTE version.

Microsoft has obviously been completely low-key on anything to do with the Surface Pro 8, and while for now it’s recommended to take everything with a grain of salt, more and more sources are suggesting that a 2-in-1 device redesign is all we’ll get on this new model.

As for the Surface Pro 8 launch, it’s slated for Q1 2021, and some say an announcement could be made as early as January.

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