Microsoft Edge Gets a New Way To Move Tabs From One Profile To Another

Microsoft is constantly experimenting with new features in Edge, which is best demonstrated by the activity taking place in the Beta, Dev, and Canary versions of the web browser. The company’s latest tweaks can be found in the Canary version of Edge and could revolutionize the way you work with tabs.

If you have multiple profiles in Edge – maybe a work profile and a personal profile to keep things separate, or to make it easier for people who share their computers to keep their bookmarks to themselves – Microsoft is introducing a way to move easily tabs from one profile to another.

Thanks to this new functionality, you will be able very quickly to move the tabs of the current profile to another without having to copy and paste anything. Available for Windows and macOS versions of Edge, an optional parameter allows tabs to bounce between profiles via the context menu.

As this is an experimental feature at the moment, it may work slightly – or completely – change before it’s integrated into the version of Microsoft Edge. Microsoft’s Aaron Gustafson illustrates this perfectly by asking his users for their feedback on how this feature works:

To take advantage of this new feature, you must use the Canary version of Microsoft Edge. You can download this experimental version of the browser by signing up for the Microsoft Edge Insider program, and there’s nothing stopping you from running the Canary version of Edge along with the major version.

Available on the Canary version

Once Edge Canary is installed, launch the browser and head to the window edge://flags/#edge-move-tabs-to-profile-window. Use the drop-down menu under the “Enable move tabs to a different profile window  ” tab for the “Enabled  ” setting, then restart the browser.

To use this feature, all you need to do is right-click on a tab and select the “Move tab to [profile name] window” option. When you switch to this profile, you will find the tab that awaits you.

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