This New Google Web App Can Help You Write Your Own Poems

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Google, as we all know, has been working on artificial intelligence-based technologies for quite some time now. A new AI-based web app from the Mountain View giant can help you automatically add a few lines to your poem. While it won’t help you wake up the poet inside you, it can kick start your imagination.

Verse by Verse, as Google puts it, “is an experimental AI-powered muse that helps you compose poems inspired by classic American poets.  ”However, I really hope they become more inclusive when it comes to choosing poets for inspiration.

Simply put, Verse by Verse involves the intervention of man and machine to create the final poem, which may be less than logical depending on the degree of reliance on AI suggestions. If a particular poet inspires you, Verse by Verse will help you emulate their style, assuming they are one of the 22 authors offered by the tool.

So, to make the system work, Google has incorporated a combination of two machine learning models: a generator trained on well-known poems and a second model that helps you decide which verse will match your poem.

How to create your poem?

Here is how it works. After choosing up to three classical poets as your inspiration, you need to select a form, rhyme scheme, and a number of syllables. This will take you to the last step, which is to feed the artificial intelligence system with your first line. And there you go!

The app will take your worms and complete them on its own. You can now press the “Complete” button and add an appropriate title for your creation.

So if you want to write your masterpiece, you can check out Verse by Verse from this link.

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