Google Replaces Hangouts Group Video Calls With Google Meet

The importance of video calls is increasing. Indeed, it may be the only thrilling vantage point to watch during business calls without going to the office due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdowns that result from it around the world.

Much like the popular Skype and Zoom video calling apps, in order to help you get an interactive and exciting background while you make your business calls throughout the day, Google Meet has rolled out a feature that will help you customize the backgrounds in its desktop version of the app. And, maybe that’s what an “old” application lacks

As part of Google’s plans to cheapen Google Hangouts and move to arguably better alternatives, namely Google Meet and Chat, the company has now removed group video calls from Hangouts and replaced them with Google Meet.

According to Android, the change can be seen in Hangouts version 36.0.340725045. Once updated, you’ll find a banner at the top of the page that says, “Video calls made in Hangouts now go through Google Meet, where you can take advantage of various features such as instant captions and screen sharing. , among others  ”.

While the update completely removes the old video calling experience for groups, it still works on personal face-to-face chats. If you open the call interface on personal chats, you will see three options – Share a link to a Meet video call [New], Video call with [person], and Audio call only with [person].

On the other hand, Hangouts automatically inserts a “Meet” link in the message text box when users attempt to initiate group video calls to indicate that you can no longer use the old feature. Video calling directly in Meet gives you access to more features such as live captions and screen sharing. However, the maximum number of participants is limited to 25 people, and 10 people in the free section.

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As Android Police points out, this change is not being strictly enforced at this time. This is because while you can skip the update to keep Hangout’s native group video calls, there might not be a lot of benefits. On the one hand, apps update automatically, which means most people will likely end up in version 36 with the new call settings.

Unless everyone in your Hangouts group is smart enough to avoid updating or upgrading their app, they might lose native Hangouts video calls. On the other hand, Google is probably going to abandon the calling features of the Hangouts app soon, so even if you keep an older version of the Hangouts app,

If you really don’t want to use Meet, Google Duo could be an alternative for your video calling needs. If you want a good mix of chat and video features, Discord or Facebook Messenger can also be options.

Nevertheless, if you are one of those Hangouts users who are eagerly awaiting this feature, you can implement it immediately by updating the app from the link below.

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