Google News Will Allow Free Access To Paid Articles On News Sites

While many praises and thank Google for making information and news available to the general public on the Internet, especially publishers, hate it for almost the same reason. Some have even sued Google for putting content directly into search results that would otherwise have been shown on the content owner’s website. And then there is the paid content which effectively prevents users from accessing it without paying a fee. In order to better promote its news platform, Google is negotiating with publishers to provide readers with locked content free of charge.

It can be difficult to keep up with the latest news. That’s why Google launched Google News Showcase last October, as part of a billion-dollar investment, to help contribute to the overall sustainability of its partners around the world. Today, the search giant is announcing a number of new updates to News Showcase that will make the product even more useful for news editors and users.

First, Google will soon begin offering users access to paid content in partnership with selected news publishers, as paywalls are a crucial part of some publishers’ revenue strategies. The Company will pay participating partners to provide limited access to paid content to News Showcase users and, in return, those users will register with the News Editor to enable publishers to build relationships with readers.

To make it easier for users to find valuable content from their favorite news organizations, Google will also introduce a new type of News Showcase panel that includes a list of important articles selected daily by their favorite publishers. At the same time, relevant national and local publications will now be presented to users in their feeds. For you and in a dedicated space to discover new publications from the news showcase in Newsstand on Google News.

Since News Showcase first launched two months ago, the number of global publications that have signed up has nearly doubled.


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