Dark Mode For Google Search Is Being Tested

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After rolling out dark mode in most of its mobile apps, Google is now looking to take its web search engine to the dark side. The company tested a dark mode for Google Search on the web over the weekend. It was only available to a selection of users and is no longer live for any of the original testers.

Users took to Reddit and social media to report that Google Search is showing web results in the dark theme. They did not have extensions or flags enabled for this purpose. The dark theme seen in the snaps resembles the dark theme on the Google mobile app. The background is gray, links are displayed in blue (and purple), and black text blocks are displayed in white.

Here’s what Dark Mode looks like on Google Web Search:

Also, if you haven’t noticed, the dark theme will paint the Google logo white. It can change the day there is a doodle that celebrates an occasion or commemorates certain people. The testers encountered this theme on both Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. Additionally, the theme appears to be prime time ready, so it’s only a matter of time before Google makes it available to all desktop users.

With the latter in place, this will significantly reduce glare when browsing the web at night, and thus turn shiny white just before falling asleep.

Users included in the test said there is no way to switch from dark mode to light mode, although if the new design is extended to everyone, we would expect there to be a simple on / off button available to switch from dark mode to light mode, similar to that of Gmail settings.

Why is this important?

Much of the appeal of the dark mode is just its cool factor – while it’s not universal, a lot of people just think it looks better than designs that are mostly white. However, there are more practical reasons to switch to dark mode.

If you are using a laptop on its battery, choosing dark mode can help you extend the interval between two recharges , as dark pixels use less power than white ones (as confirmed by Google searches for smartphones. ). This could be a big plus, especially if you are traveling.

Choosing the dark mode also means you’re less exposed to blue light , which can affect your ability to sleep. The jury is out on the effects of blue light, but lack of sleep not only leaves you feeling tired and cranky, but it’s also linked to various serious health issues.

Come on, Google, we’re all waiting for it!

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