Chrome Will Warn You If Your Passwords Are Considered “Weak”

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Chrome is getting an update that will alert you if any of your passwords are particularly weak, so you can change them before disaster strikes.

We all have a large number of accounts online these days. Whether it’s email accounts, social media, or online store accounts, that means we all have a huge number of passwords to remember. To make our lives easier, web browsers have long offered to help us by storing passwords so that we don’t have to remember them.

But more than that, browser developers have acknowledged that security incidents happen, websites are hacked, and passwords end up on the web, so software like Chrome is warning users of the password.

Chrome’s Security Check has been around for some time now and issues warnings about potentially dangerous browser extensions, passwords that have been involved in a data breach, and other security issues. The final change to this important security feature is to issue a weak password warning.

Even though the autofill passwords offered by modern browsers means that we no longer need to remember what our passwords are, people still tend to create weak passwords out of habit. Now Chrome’s Security Check will alert you if any of your saved passwords are weak.

Weak or strong?

While it’s already possible to use Chrome’s password settings to spot weak passwords, Google now makes it accessible from Security Control. For now, the option is only available in Chrome 89 (the current version of Canary), but even with this browser version installed, you must enable the option manually.

  • Launch Chrome and go to chrome://flags
  • Look for “Safety check for weak passwords “, and use the drop-down menu to activate the setting (“Enabled “)
  • Repeat the same operation for “Passwords weakness check “
  • Restart Chrome

Once done, launch Security Control from Chrome settings, and you’ll be notified of any passwords that need your attention.

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