The New iPad (2021) Might Look Like An Older iPad Air

Rumors are being heard about a new 9th generation iPad (2021) that would join Apple’s entry-level series. This relatively inexpensive line of tablets don’t change often between iterations, and this one is unlikely to show a huge change. But, we’ve heard that Apple is trying to make the tablet look more like some of its other tablets.

Japanese Technology

According to the Japanese technology site Macotakara, paraphrasing a Chinese supplier, “  the next iPad (9th generation) will probably be based on the iPad Air (3rd generation)  ”. As the name suggests, the iPad Air 3 is rather thin and light, and apparently, Apple is in the process of upgrading this model to the next entry-level tablet.

Apparently, the next iPad will have a 10.2-inch screen – it’s the same size as the 2020 model, although we’ve heard that the 2021 version could grow to 10.5 inches.

The leak also indicates that the new iPad will continue to use “  Touch ID, a Lightning ports Full-Lamination Displays, Anti-reflective Coating, P3 Displays, True Tone Displays ”. So it is clear that this is not a total overhaul, Apple could just make a lighter machine.

The latest iPad Air 4 doesn’t really look like its predecessors, but rather an iPad Pro model with flat edges, a thin bezel, and a home button without Touch ID on the front.

The iPad Air

Some people prefer the look of the old iPad Airs over the new ones, although a front-facing touch-sensitive home button might be easier to use for some, the thin and light chassis adds portability. If you were looking for a tablet that looks like the iPad Air 3, you had no choice. But, it seems that Apple is filling this market again with its new entry-level iPad.

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