The iPad Pro (2021) Launched With a New Magic Keyboard?

In addition to the new iPad Pro 2020 models, Apple unveiled the Magic Keyboard, an all-new keyboard with a magnetic stand and mouse pad. Now it seems that the future iPad Pro (2021) could be equipped with an improved version of this Magic Keyboard.

Trademark Office

This information comes from Patently Apple, who spotted a series of patents related to the Magic Keyboard and issued by the Hong Kong Patent and Trademark Office. The patents contain a series of photos and sketches showing the iPad Pro.

These images do not necessarily show us any new features, because the “new” Magic Keyboard is identical to the 2020 version launched with the iPad Pro and no new functionality is included. However, the very presence of the patent suggests that Apple is looking for ways to modify the accessory made popular with the iPad.

We’ve heard that the new Magic Keyboard may ditch the touchpad and instead opt for touch strips on the sides of the keyboard. According to the new patents, this will not be the case.

The previous patent suggested that the new keyboard could be fitted with a microphone, allowing voice or video calls to be made on the iPad a little more efficiently. It is interesting to note that the new patent on the Magic Keyboard has been classified under the category “  Equipment for recording or reproducing sounds and images  ”, which seems likely.

A launch in early 2021?

Also, it’s possible that a new Magic Keyboard might be made from stronger material to better protect the iPad inside – Apple’s iPad keyboards until now weren’t great cases, and most people would like to have something to protect their expensive iPad.

According to leaks and rumors, we should hear about the new iPad Pro in early 2021. We will therefore have to wait until then to see what is new with this “Magic Keyboard 2.0”.

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