iPhone 12 Updates: Charger is Removed From The Box.

Following rumors that Apple got obviate the accessories contained within the box of its future iPhones, the Cupertino giant has actually removed the charger from the box of the iPhone 12.

Apple’s Footsteps

Samsung, Apple’s biggest rival, took the chance to try to do what it does best: ridicule Apple on social media for its gesture. However, a recently deleted Facebook post suggests that Samsung will follow in Apple’s footsteps and not include a charger within the upcoming Galaxy S21 line.

So, if you are not in the know, Samsung shared a photograph of an AC adapter on its official Facebook page right after Apple announced it had been removing the accessory from its boxes. The post stated that your #Galaxy gives you what you’re trying to find. From the foremost basic just like the charger to the simplest camera, battery, performance, memory, and even a 120 Hz screen on a smartphone additionally, the photo of the facility adapter had the caption: Included together with your Galaxy you’ll see a screenshot of the post below.

Now, as we prepare to ascertain the fleet of Galaxy S21 smartphones, Samsung has quietly removed this post from its Facebook page. Therefore, if you now attend view the post, you’ll get the “content not available” message from Facebook.

Many manufacturers follow Apple’s decision

This move, therefore, leads us to believe the reports and rumors that Samsung is following in Apple’s footsteps and removing the facility adapter from the boxes of its smartphones a choice also followed by Xiaomi, which can unveil its Mi 11 range without a charger within the box.

It’s not even surprising since the Korean company did an equivalent when Apple removed the headphone jack from its smartphones. First, she made fun of Apple on social networks, then she removed the connectors from her smartphones. So it is a traditional Samsung gesture: to form fun of Apple then blatantly copy them.

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