Apple will create a powerful VR headset, before launching connected glasses!

Over the years we’ve heard a lot of rumors about Apple’s ambitions for virtual reality and augmented reality, but today a new report reveals a ton of new information.

It turns out that Apple wants to launch a virtual reality headset first and plans to take what it has learned by making such a headset and apply it to creating augmented reality glasses . This virtual reality headset that Apple is working on is also said to be an expensive niche product, while the company plans to market its possible anti-glare glasses as a more mainstream product.

So said Bloomberg, who spoke to anonymous “knowledgeable” sources. Bloomberg reports that Apple’s VR headset will offer the usual list of VR functions for “gaming, watching videos and communicating” but it will also only offer limited augmented reality functionality. Apple could launch the headset as early as 2022 , and it looks like the apple-bite firm is trying to make a standalone headset after Jony Ive himself rejected the idea of ​​streaming live content to the headset from a wireless m hub.

It also looks like Apple wants to make this VR headset a premium headset, with some prototypes using processors that perform better than the M1 chip the company just launched. It looks like Apple even fitted this headset with a fan to help with cooling, but between that fan and the hardware, the headset was deemed too heavy by the testers.

To solve this problem, Apple reduced the space inside the headset that was originally intended to allow users to wear glasses, sources indicating that Apple has instead “developed a system where prescription glasses are used. personalized can be inserted into the headset through the VR screens”.

A Very High End And Expensive Helmet

It looks like a standalone headset, and because of that, you can probably expect it to cost more than the competition, according to the Bloomberg report. Price targets were not shared by Bloomberg sources, but the company apparently agrees that it could be a niche system that sells relatively slowly compared to some. other Apple products. The goal, after all, seems to be to use the development of this VR headset to inform Apple’s efforts to create a pair of smart glasses, the reveal of which is still several years away according to these sources.

Keep in mind that since this headset is still in the prototyping phase, Apple may change it drastically by the time it’s revealed or even scrap it. We’ll see what happens from there, but assuming Bloomberg’s report is correct, it may not be long before we finally see Apple enter the virtual reality headset business.

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